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  • RoxyPetal Aj

    Hi someone please reply asap my cat melissa normally eats so much she was normal weight until the other day she threw up all over the carpet at night she hasnt touched food for 3 days she sniffes it and walkes away or takes 1 or 2 bites she still plays with our kitten layla and runs around she meows alot for food but when we give it she doesnt eat it.. shes been lying outside all day today under the chair it is quite sunny but now shes gone somewhere else but idk if shes well or not were considering to wait 2 more days if she doesnt get better were taking her to the vet but someone reply plz help EDIT: crying sm rn i dont wanna give her away we cant afford to take her to vets rn someone plz help

  • Megan Dougherty

    Hi, my cat just jumped off of a shoe rack and was meowing A LOOOOT! And. Recently he HAS been going outside of the litter box. Should I take him to the vet? I think his hip got messed up or something

  • Fairy Lights

    i really hope you can help when my cat died it was sudden i didnt know she was in pain but i would really like to know what she died from, i will describe what her symptoms where she fell of the bed like she she was weak and stayed there on the floor like she couldent get up, so i think she collapsed and then i knew she was having difficulty breathing because she had her mouth wide open showing all her teeth but it wasnt like panting it was more like her opening her mouth really wide and closing it a bit like she couldent breathe and she was drooling alot but at the same time as all that she was trying to itch her ear so i didnt know if it was an ear infection or a hear failure , and then after that she just didnt move and i had realised she had passed away, anyone know what this was? thanks x

  • jinsaz

    ok so, my little angel was playing around when my baby brother stepped on her a bit in an attempt to run away, and she ran straight to the kitchen and denied eating until i gave her more food, is there anything i can do to lessen the pain?

  • HydraGirlGamez

    Today my cousin accidentally hit my cat on the nose with her fist….I shouted at my cousin because my cat froze for a moment and tried using her paws to reach her nose?

    I dont know whether she hit the cat hard or not but i need help please ;________;

  • Alyssa Mcintosh

    Dear relax my cat, My cat experiences all of these symptoms and I think she is dying. She is 16 years old and she hasn't moved out of under the bed all day. My friends said I should use 1 mm of baby Tylenol but I dont want to hurt her… She is a very beautiful calico and I dont want to lose her…. I'm afraid to take her to the vet because they might put her down.. plus we can't afford it. What do I do?!

  • creative chloe 12

    my cat died yesterday. we have a little kennel outside for her and she can easily get in and out of it. we realised she hadn't came inside in a while so my dad went to give her a stroke and he ran upstairs and said to me I think she's dead. he wasn't too sure because he only looked through the hole she gets out of. I ran downstairs into the garden and I took the top of the kennel and she wasn't flinching when I tickled her ear. I wasn't 100 percent sure but she wasn't moving. then we told my mum because she was asleep before and we all went outside and realised she had no pulse. I didn't get to sleep till 3:00 approximately and that's late for me. today I still can't believe it.

  • Katy Fox

    Hey do you have any tips on how to groom my elderly cat? He's 15 and a bit arthritic and can't groom his back legs and hips/back anymore. He hates being wiped down or having his fur mussed. His fur is all greasy, and I want to restore him to his former beauty!

  • IHeartBreakLover girl

    I know this video is old but my cat who is a female keeps crying and i have no idea why ? She's been sleeping more than usual and keeps following me around where i go and when i touch her she starts crying and my other cat keeps licking or smelling her butt and i search online that it can mean health problems ? I need help because my parents keep telling me that she's alright but she isn't.

  • Mohammed Zeeshan

    Hi, my 2 year old cat got attacked by 4-5 stray dogs 5 days ago. I cleaned all his wounds and the next day I took him to a vet hospital and they treated him for three days continuously with their prescribed treatment. He seems to be very dull even after all the treatment and now I have noticed that he also has a very bad blood clot on his chest which I didn't notice before, it is like a red ball!! What should I do to stop this kinda formation, and my cat is not eating anything on his own, every time i have to force feed him and give the medication as prescribed my the vet. So I just wanted to ask that how many more days does it take to heal all his wounds?. He's a Persian cat

  • Marybeth Kszystyniak-hamblen

    My cat Peachie died last friday, and I believe she had an embolism, a clot.
    I had noticed, 2 days before, that one front paw and one back paw (both on same side) were swollen; Peachie being 17 years old, I waited a bit to see if the swelling went down, and by next day it had.
    She really went thru it. She seemed to lose her ability to tell up from down and she was experiencing bouts of horrible pain, which made her fling herself about, a couple of times.
    It was midnight, I talked to a vet and did as she told me; peachie was somewhat better. I gave her some cbd oil and it calmed her by by this time I don't know exactly where she was…she never lost consciousness, but after a while she would look around with a kind of look of wonder on her face. The pain had subsided but peachie never did want to let go. I am grateful I was with her, I put a pillow at her front so she had something to hold on to, and a pillow just behind her. I kept her clean, and later when the worst had subsided I gave her water drops off my fingers. I dozed the rest of that night next to her and letting her know I was right there.
    Animals exchange emotional energy with us all the time and when they need us we have to be very sure to respond with a loving, reassuring emotional energy that they are comforted by. Any way I had peachie pts at the earliest appointment I could get, and she is buried in the garden.

  • Shaliarian

    I'm sorry, I know that this is a really old video but my cat Ginger has been acting a little weird lately. He's usually a sweetheart, and always follows me around. He would spend most of his day around my family and his brother, but recently he seems a little more…. Distant? I'm not quite sure… He kind of just walks away whenever I try to pet him, and he's hesitant whenever I shake treat bags. He still comes, but he seems a little timid and just walks towards me, instead of the usually running and rubbing against my legs. I've had him for 2 years now, just in case you were wondering. So I'm not sure if he's sick or in pain, and I hope that someone can help!

    EDIT: I forgot to add this, Ginger also spends more time upstairs than downstairs with us and his brother.

  • Eonological

    My cat will not stop licking her back, it is to the point it is soaking wet constantly and she twitches her tail all the time, could worms and fleas be the causd of this, my parents wont take her to the vet 😢😭

  • layla sanchez

    My cat is not making Eye contact with me like she used to when she wanted something or when she wanted to cuddle, everytime i try to turn her head to me or call her name she turns her head the other way and she doesnt Listen to her name anymore .. She stays only in 1 spot all day. She goes outside sometimes but 1 day she came back home and it looked like somebody has been Hitting her on the head with something .. i smelled her Head where there is missing hair and little cuts and it smells like a animal that is dead .. im not sure what to do💔, also she isnt Active like she used to be .. she hasnt cleaned her herself her fur is very sticky and has dirt an things all in it .

  • Al Tyas

    My guy has detached retinas. Im monitoring him all the time with periodic vet visits. He's been a little cranky lately but Ive been coddling him a lot. That may be the problem. Thanks.

  • Angsty Teen

    My outside cat ( aka wild cat that I tamed ) doesn't eat as much as he used to. He was coughing, and didn't want to move on his own much. ( the cat that he hates was nearby, so maybe that is a cause. ) He only wanted to eat when I held the food up to him. He used to be a social butterfly, but now he is antisocial. I don't know how old he is, but we think he was the runt of his litter. Please help! ( I'm writing this because if we bring him to a vet, he always scratches one of the vets. )

  • M I D A Z

    a coconut fall on my cats back and i think it broke my cats back leg.now he is moving in tripod position and shows much of the symptoms you were talking about.when i gently touch its leg ,it cries in pain.what will i do and thanks

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