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  • miguel ortiz

    great video. so I discovered that my uv multi-stage filtered water with the api stress coat still have up to 1ppm of ammonia in it. any recommended ways to get rid of the ammonia before I put it in my tank. thanks in advance

  • Wade 16

    I subscribed to you just today and went through almost all your videos back from 1 year ago til your latest video which is this one, I like the way your tank looks. The planted african set up is my favorite. Cool Ctenapoma Africa leaf fish and the kribensis. I also watch those other stuff you have and that horse shoe crab before. Not mentioning your cats aswell are cozy and great!

    Nice videos keep it comin! :')

  • Paramecium Caudatum

    First of all THANK YOU!!!!
    Not my first visit here but since I dont like the "GoogleKraken" I did not have a youtube account. I now went through the procedure just to subscribe to your channel and say how much I admire all that I was able to learn from you in the last 4 Month.
    (I guess our own 2 T.biocellatus are also giving you a big thumbs up for helping us keeping them healty and happy!)

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